I'm priviledged to share the journey of the women who are awakening to grow in body, mind and spirit. I want to help women get healthy and stay healthy. Hormone Imbalance problems including PMT, infertility, perimenopause, menopause, as well as hormones from contraception(pill, Merina, implant etc)  HRT, are reaching epidemic proportion, having significant impact on our immune system and general health.

Period Problems

Amenorrhoea (absent periods)

No or intermittent ovulation can be caused by Hyperthallamic anovulation such as stress, weightl oss, extreme exercise, high prolactin, post-pill amenorrhoea, Polycystic ovaries/PCOS (this condition is covered under Fertility). In Chinese medicine perspective, Amenorrhoea most often fall into the Kidney Yin/Jing(essense) deficiency category. Qi or Blood stagnation(stress, emotions) can hamper the ovulation too.

Premenstrual Syndrome/Tension

Research in recent years has focused more on the links between the brain and the body rather than simply on the ups and downs of the female sex hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. I agree that both the hormonal imbalance and the imbalnce in brain chemicals (low serotonin or 5-HT levels are linked to cravings for starchy foods, sleep disorders, depression and mood swings), or the brain-body connnection is more likely the cause. 

As a woman, we need to understand what happens in the menstrual cycle, the role of various hormones involved in this finely orchestrated process. In Western medicine, liver is responsible for helping regulate hormone level. It is in the the liver that they are broken down effectively. So anything that can compromise liver function such as certain medication, over consumption of alcohol, will cause hormone imbalance. Interestingly, in Chinese Medicine, PMS is regarded as Liver Qi stagnation, Spleen, Heart and Kidneys are involved too. By nourishing the Liver and promoting the Liver Qi flow, it helps to balance the hormones and mood.

Supplements such as GLA (evening primrose oil, contain omega-6 fatty acids. it is needed for the production of prostaglandins), B vitamins, Calcium (the most abundant mineral in the body. A shortage of calcium is associated with low mood, depression and anxiety) and VitD, Magnesium (the second most abundant mineral inside our body's cells and known as anti-stress mineral), Valerian ( relaxant and antispasmodic)are often considered too.

Heavy periods

Heavy periods are common. In most cases no cause can be found. Conventional treatment involves in Tranexamic acid tablets, Anti-inflammatory painkillers, oral contraceptive pills or Merina coil and surgical treatment. 

The treatment from Chinese Medicine focuses on balancing the hormones to achieve more sustainable effect. Qi deficiency and Blood heat are the two commonly seen patterns. 

The treatment from Chinese Medicine focuses on removing Blood stagnation, as well as strengthening Kidney energy, and promoting Liver Qi flow. Combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, as well as nutritional supplements works more effectively.

Case History


L, 34. L started her periods much later than her peers at 16 years old, then she went on contraceptive pill at 17, on and off till she was 26. Her periods finally returned 4 years later and luckily she conceived within two months. After giving birth to her daughter L hadn't had a period till now. She always has dry skin and worts on her hand which interestingly disapperaed during her first pregnancy. L is slim built. After four months on acupuncture and Yin-Blood norishing herbs she fell pregnant but miscarriaged about 6/7 weeks. She came back for acupuncture after a break and this time she fell pregnant straightaway!

Amenorrhoea, PCOS

H, 27. H started her period at 17 years old and had never established regular cycles. She has been diagnosed with PCOS. For the past ten years she had tried combined pill on and off, Mirena coil, Accutane for her skin, but still struggled with acne, mood swings, recurrent cystitis, Reynold's etc. She had numerous blood tests. H decided to turn to natural approach. With her peseverance she had her first natural period 10 weeks after starting acupuncture. Her second cycle was 45 days! Her skin, enegy and mood are much improved too. She is now having acupuncture monthly to maitaine her mentrual cycle.


R, 42. R has extremely painful periods due to established endometrosis. The 3 failed IVF cycles had made the pain unbearable. She was on maximal dose of Mefanamic Acid, Codeine and Paracetamol. She had tried numerous supplements, including progesterone cream, Agnus Castus, Turmeric from various practitioners which I suspected didn’t suit her and aggravated her endometriosis. She called ambulance three times for her painful periods lately. She was reluctantly to stop taking her other supplements but agreed. To my surprise the Chinese herbs I prescribed worked miracle after one month….

Heavy painful periods

R, 30. R came off her combine pill 2 years ago to try to conceive. and her painful periods were gettin worse. They were heavy, painful and clotty, premenstrally she had sore breasts, mood swing up to 2 weeks. Scan a couple of weeks ago showed 2 haemorrhagic cysts. A month later after 2 sessions of acupuncture and some herbal pills scan showed both cysts had gone. She conceived the third month. " I just wanted to write and say Thank You so much for helping me get to a healthy place to have my baby boy! I found all your advice and treatment invaluable and also enjoyed laughing with you in our sessions! I’m hoping to be back for some more acupuncture soon."

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