Benign/non-cancerous breast conditions

Breast cysts  Cysts are fluid filled lumps and they feel smooth amd mobile.they can sometimes feel quite hard, cause pain and be tender.

Fibroadenomas Fibroadenomas are benign solid lumps that arise from breast lobukes, found in women between 15025 years of age. they are usually mobile, painless and have smooth margins.

Breast pain (mastalgia) is extremely common. 4 out of 5 woemn experieince it at some time in their lives. the commonest type is called cyclical pain. it usually peaks just before the start of a period and is related to the changes in hormonal levels.

In Chinese medicine, both Liver and Stomach meridian travel past breasts. Stress, negative emotions cause Liver Qi stagnation, Qi stagnation leads to Blood stagnation; weakened Spleen and stomach cause acumulation of Phlegm. Hence the lumps/cysts are formed. In clinic I find the combination of acupuncture and herbs work really well to disperse the lumps/cysts, balance hormones to allievate the breast soreness and prevent the cysts coming back. It is often that patients have period problems too, premenstrual tension, painful, clotty, irregular periods are all commonly seen.

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