More women suffer from this debilitating condition. The cause is not clear. Conventional treatment options include: avoiding possible triggers, painkillers, anti-inflammatory painkillers, anti sickness medicines, as well as Beta Blocker to prevent the attacks.

From Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, migraine is largely due to the ascendant hyperactive Liver Yang, sometimes it carries Phlegm and dampness to the upper orifices. It can be constitutional. When there are factors such as stress and hormone changes, which caused the disharmony of the body, the Yin is unable to hold the Yang, migraine occurs. Acupuncture, sometimes combined with herbs depends the severity, can restore the balance, therefore treating the root of the problem. Patients see not only the reduction of frequency, duration and severity of the migraine, but also the improvement of sleep pattern and anxiety.

Underactive Thyroid


Case History

C, female, 33, optician. hypothyroidism

C had been diagnosed with an under active active thyroid for 7 years. When I saw her she was taking 175my of Thyroxine, and 25mg Liothyronine. She noticed her condition was getting worse - hoarse voice, weight gain, fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome, feeling hot and thirsty, swollen thyroid which the specialist couldn't explain, recurring kidney infection and constant lower back ache, for which she was suggested to take a low dose of antibiotics daily but she hadn’t started.
In Chinese medicine her diagnosis was the Yin Deficiency in both Liver and Kidney, as well as the Liver heat, The nature of Thyroixine is heating which could further dry out the Yin. She started to feel better after taking the first bag of herbs, all her symptoms were improving. Two months later, blood test showed her thyroid function was back to normal, which was very hard to believe if I hadn’t seen it myself.

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