Fertility Success Stories

(Patients age in stories is at the time when they conceived)

BFP Naturally 

C, 42, one miscarriage

C had been trying to conceive for 10 months and had a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks, after having had spotting on and off. She had ERPC. Six months on she hadn't fallen pregnant again and was recommended  come to see me by her reflexologist. She was keen to try to conceive naturally. In Chinese medicine perspective she had Kidney Yin deficiency and empty heat, which caused her monthly premenstrual spotting. She suffered from acne rosacea when she was younger, which also indicated the internal heat. With 5 months of acupuncture and herbs to restore the balance she fell pregnant again. She continued with the herbs for a few more weeks after the positive pregnancy test and carried on with acupuncture. Her neuchal scan showed 1 in 1386 of Down's. Apart from a bit of flare up her acne, she had a very good pregnancy. Due to her age she was induced 10 days before her due date. A healthy baby girl Ella arrived, weighed 5lb11oz and all was well.

 Tremlett12wks12 weeksTremlett20wks20 weeksTremlett 

 G, 40, secondary infertility

G has a 4 years old daughter. A year ago she had a missed miscarriage at 3 months (baby died at 5 weeks) and she bled for 5 months. When she first came to me she was just getting out of a long period of grieving from loss of her father and the miscarriage. My diagnosis on her was Liver Yin Blood deficiency due to the loss of blood and grieving. She was keen to take herbs to replenish her body. She felt happier and stronger. 6 months later she fell pregnant without realising it. When she came for her appointment I noticed her BBT was still high even she just had a period (lighter than usual). We did a test together and it was positive! She continued with acupuncture throughout her pregnancy and we did prebirth acupuncture to induce labour. Despite her age she didn't want to be medically induced. 6 days after her due date she went into labour naturally. She had a water birth in the hospital and a healthy baby boy arrived after only 1.5 hour labour, weighed 9lb14oz. When I saw him two months later he was no doubt a handsome little boy. 


 M, 41

M came to me in March 2014. As an acupuncturist herself, she had been using acupuncture and Chinese herbs to keep her well being for a few years. She fell pregnant just 2 months after coming to see me. Very pleased for her and it is a very encouraging news for all women over 40. Her dating scan showed very low risk of Down syndrome 1 in 1600. She continued with acupuncture throughout her pregnancy and it was a pretty uneventful pregnancy considering the stress she was having. A healthy baby girl was born at home with acupuncture and gas on her due date. "Thank you for my treatments to get her here."


D, 40, Endometriosis, one failed IVF

D had been ttc for two years when she came to me. She was inspired to try Chinese medicine from reading the book “The Infertility Cure” (by Dr Randine Lewis). She has previous history of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was treated with thyroxine, testosterone and oestrogen implants 8 years ago. Her periods were heavy and painful with big clots. After five months of acupuncture and some herbal pills her menorrhagia had significantly improved. When Laparoscopy and dye hydrotubation was carried out, not much endometriosis was found. Unfortuantely she was told by the hospital not to take any Chinese herbs. She then had a cycle of IVF but failed. She was doing lots of research online and having various tests done privately. “It looks like things aren’t working for me and I may have to give up to save out sanity!”  She finally agreed to take Chinese herbs. She conceived in the second cycle after starting the decoction! “Last week I felt like I had been doing sit ups. So muscle ache but high up closer to my ribs than my tummy. It now generally feels like before I start a period- a bit achy in tummy & lower back. A few stronger, very short pains now again, a bit like ovulation but not on any particular side..”

Her prenatal tests showed 1 in 1944 for Down’s and in 16100 for Edwards & Pataus syndrome. Apart from some morning sickness in the first trimester D had a healthy pregnancy. She was put on Aspirin 75mg in the third trimester because she was over 40. After a session of acupuncture at 40 weeks plus one day she had a show. A day later she texted “It is true; you make boys! Baby O arrived early this morning. Managed to avoid induction. Arrived at hospital 8cm so didn’t take too long. Not time for any water and no gas and air. Stats dropped at the end so needed a bit of help at the end. All well. Tired but loved up!”….”Thanks for all your help Ying. We love him “


J, 34, PCOS, natural conception after 6 Clomid cycles

J has PCOS. Her cycle is irregular 4-7 weeks. She came to me after she had finished her 6 months on Clomid. She was depressed, crying a lot. She conceived surprising quickly after 40 days starting acupuncture. Unfortunately she miscarriaged at 11weeks. She was devastated. 2 months later she decided to move onto IVF, which I didn’t think she needed it but told her to carry on trying. She was found 8 weeks pregnant when she was having her first baseline scan! This time she carried the pregnancy full term. A beautiful baby boy Austin was born on time, weighed 8lb2oz.

L, 37, raise FSH and male factor, natural conception after failed ICSI

L had her daughter through their first IVF 4 years ago. They had an unsuccessful ICSI a few months ago as her partner (40) had low morphology and anti sperm antibodies. He was asthmatic and developed high cholestrols in recent years. Both had some acupuncture and herbs. 6 months later L conceived but they kept it a seceret till she was 16 weeks; "Many thanks for all your help we really appreciate your assistance. My asthma appears to have stablised and I haven't had any cold sores for a while..." A healthy baby boy was born on term.


S, 30, natural conception after Clomid

S had been ttc for two years. They were found no cause for their delayed conception. She was keen for the least invasive.  She came to me when she was on her first Clomiifene cycle. She was struggling with side effects- terrible mood swing, hot flushes, dry eyes etc. It didn’t work. She decided not to continue with Clomid but to try with acupuncture. She had a positive test in the third month but then unfortunately period started after a few days. She was devastated and felt like having a break from ttc. With my encouragement she continued with the treatment and fell pregnant again two months later! She had a baby girl through c-section. "I'm gutted that we didn't get to do acupuncture right up to the end. Thanks you so much for everything, you've been amazing & I can not thank you enough for what you have done for me".

I met up with her and her beautiful girl a few months later. "The biggest Thank You for everything that you have done for me! Your positivity and enthusiasm for life is infectious. I loved out chats and always left our sessions feeling ready to take on any challenges! You gave me strength and encouraged me to never give up and it worked! You are an incredible woman and I truly believe that without your work I would not have been blessed with my miracle Aurora!"


A, 33, Chronic kidney disease and secondary infertility

A has 16 months old boy. She was referred to me by her reflexologist. She had been using reflexology to help her conceive for nearly a year with no success. She did find it helpful with her first pregnancy. Her GFR was 52. She had lost 20% of her kidney function during her first pregnancy. It didn't take long at all -she conceived in the first cycle! What amazed me about this case is that during her second pregnancy, A's kidney function had improved by 20%!  She didn't need to go on blood pressure medication as she did in her first pregnancy. She was planned to be induced at 38 weeks due to her kidney disease. But when she went in for induction she was already dilated. So they left her for 24 hours then broke her water. A healthy baby girl was born after very speedy 3.5 hour labour, weighed 8lb."She practically shot out!" Much better than the first birth when she was induced at 39 weeks and the labour lasted 34 hours with forceps.

 Alex Sienesi Esme

 S, 31, PCOS, after Clomid and 2 failed IVFs

S has PCOS but relatively regular periods. She had tried for two years before she was referred to the fertility clinic. She tried on Clomid for 8 months. She had two failed IVFs. She was over stimulated the first time on bith Clomid and IVF. She came to me to prepare for FET. I explained to her that it was possible for her to conceive naturally. 5 months later she fell pregnant. Totally unexpected for her. A baby boy Charlie was born at 34 weeks, when her water broke after a long walk, weighed 4lb 12oz. 4 years later S came back when she was trying for the second child. she conceive in the second cycle. a baby girl weight 8lb12 was born on full term. "She was only one day early. can't believe I made it that far! birth was straightforward and really quick. started contraction at 2pm and she was born at 5:50pm.."


R, 36, irregular periods

R came to me for her IBS, which was really bothering her. I noticed her menstrual cycle was long and irregular every 2-3 months. She would love to have children. Three months later with her IBS having improved, she had a positive pregnancy test too! R enjoyed having acupuncture throughout her pregnancy. She hardly gained any weight and absolutely had no symptoms. She gave birth to a beautiful girl at 39 weeks, naturally, weighed 6lb9oz (Chinese baby!)


L, 33, unexplained infertility

L had been trying to conceive for a year and was about to be started on Clomid by the hospital. She has asthma since a year old and been on preventive inhaler Serotide and oral Montelukast. I remember on her first visit she described she had another devastating period on Valentine’s day. It didn't take long at all- her next period never came. Her asthma was well controlled during pregnancy. A beautiful healthy baby girl Orla arrived after emergency c section due to labour not progressing at 41 weeks, weighed 7lb2oz. Three years later L came to for number two. Again she conceived straightaway. She went into labour naturally but had to have another emergency c section as her previous scar ruptured! "Daughter number 2 Esme arrived...7lb13oz. I love my girls so much, thank you.."

EsmeOrla and Esme

R, 31, PCOS, one miscarriage

R was diadnosed as PCOS when she was 14 years old and had been on contraceptive pills since to control the symptoms. She hadn't had a period since she stopped the pills two years ago. 4 weeks after starting acupuncture she had her very first period! The following month she had positive pregnancy test. Unfortunately she miscarriaged at 8 weeks. She was devastated. She moved onto Clomid treatment and was getting worried after 3 months with no success. I persuaded her to combine herbs with her Clomind cycle and it did the trick. She really enjoyed being pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy George naturally, weight 10lb3oz, exactly on her due date. "He's here...On time just like his mum. Actually enjoyed the latter part!"


U,39, high FSH and low AMH, natural conception after 2 failed IVFs

U had 2 IVFs 3 years ago, both failed. Her FSH was 20, AMH 1.1 then. She came to me but didn’t have any hope. Surprisingly she conceived 3 months later, with only a few sessions of acupuncture and some herbs. She didn’t continue with acupuncture during pregnancy but I heard from a friend of hers that she had a healthy baby. It is not uncommon to hear women can conceive naturally after failed IVF/s, with the help of acupuncture and herbs.

N, 36, natural conception after two failed IVFs

Recommended by a friend, N came to me after her second failed IVF. Both her and her husband were in despair. All her tests are normal: antral follicle count of 7 in each ovary, AMH 17, FSH 9.9, CA125:21, two progesterone levels:50.4 and 46.6. I explained to her that she has a good chance of conceiving naturally. It didn’t take long at all; she had a positive test in her second cycle. “Still in a state of shock!” N had an eventless pregnancy and “ had a gorgeous little boy Tuesday night…7lb14. 


 J, 37, miscarriages

She first came to me in 2010, 8 months after a miscarriage at week 8(baby stopped growing at week 6). She conceived two months later and had a healthy baby girl E at 41 weeks. She came back in 2013 after another miscarriage at 7 weeks. She fell pregnant again three months later. She gave birth to another beautiful baby girl Olivia at 40 weeks in April 2014, weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces.

Recurrent Miscarriages

T, 45, 3 consecutive miscarriages, fibroids, natural conception

“We are absolutely over the moon that Ben is now here. He is perfect and we are smitten! It’s such an immense feeling of love and blessing-what a miracle it is!

It's been an amazing journey and I am so grateful to you for all your help in preparing my body for conception and a healthy pregnancy. I credit you and the Chinese herbs with making it all possible!

 I would love to come and see you again but we are so far. I would love to continue with some herbs especially to help me recover from the c section operation. If that is something we could do remotely please do let me know.

With loveand lots of baby gazing.”


K, 39, 2 consecutive miscarriages, one ovary

K has already got two children aged 10 and 5 then. She Came to me just after the second miscarriage at 9 weeks. The first miscarriage was a year ago at 5 weeks, when her left ovary was removed (she didn't explain well to me what had happened then). She felt that it was sensible to refrain from trying for a few months to give her body a chance to get stronger. She started to ttc again 6 months later and conceived in the second month. She had some mild spotting for a week or so( 5-6 weeks). With acupuncture and herbs the spotting stopped quickly. She carried on having a very good pregnancy and gave birth to a baby boy Osca at 41 weeks, weighed 8lb.


G, 32, stillbirth

G had a stillbirth at 25 weeks 6 months before she came to me. She was still suffering from anxiety, insomnia, palpatations, pain on chest, aching neck and back. With the treatment she started to recover and became much happier. I was impressed that Gcarried on working till 34 weeks and managed really well. She developed gestational diabetes (has family history) at 37weeks and had to be induced. It was a long labour unfortunately but a baby boy, weight 3.67kg arrived healthy and handsome. I felt very proud that G stayed calm and strong during her pregnancy.

 Gosia Xavier

B, 33, 2 consecutive miscarriages

B came to me after the second miscarriage. She had to have blood transfusion after her first miscarriage at 6/7 weeks. And then she conceived straight after. Her 12 weeks scan showed the fetus stopped growing at 7weeks. She had ERPC. All tests came back normal. She was still bleeding heavily with abdominal pain and very upset on her first visit. She had a few months break from trying to let her body recover. She conceived about a year later and continued with acupuncture through out the pregnancy. She had a very good pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby boy exactly at 40 weeks, weight 6lb9oz. "The labour went really smoothly without drugs. Dream come true…”






S, 42, recurrent miscarriages

S had her first child 3 years ago conceived on her 7th cycle of Clomid, after two miscarriages. When she came to me she had had another four miscarriages, at around 6-8 weeks. She is a keen runner and runs 10-15 miles or more a week for over ten years. I suspect it was her weakened Kidney energy (age and running) and many months on Clomid that had contributed to her miscarriages. I suggested she take Chinese herbs to strengthen her constitution and monthly acupuncture. She discontinued the treatment after 6 months. A year later a friend of her told me S had a healthy baby girl.



 C, 35, unexplained infertility, first IVF, twins

C had been trying to conceive for 2 years and had acupuncture before. Her AMH was 2.7. She took the herbs as well as having acupuncture to give a best try for natural conception. Five months later her first IVF appointment with NHS came through and it worked straightaway! After the positive test she experienced some awful cramping, slight spotting and lower back ache, which frightened her as her mother had a miscarriage at 16 weeks and a stillbirth at 24 weeks. She was happy to take herbs to safeguard the pregnancy. 7 weeks scan showed it was twins! She continued with small dose of herbs till 20 weeks and acupuncture till 32 weeks when she wasn't able to drive anymore. Considering it was twin pregnancy and being on her feet all day as a teacher, she had coped very well. She developed some pelvic girdle pain around 20 weeks which was relieved by acupuncture. However when she went to the hospital at 37 weeks to be induced they found a blood clot in her leg. The most beautiful and healthy twin girls were born by c section, weighed 6lb9oz and 6lb4oz. When she brought the girls to see me I was very touched. "You have given me something I have wished for the whole of my life.. Thank you."


 A, 37, first IVF, twins

This is what A says in her testimonial-

I had treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs which resulted in a successful first IVF cycle - I have just given birth to twin boys. I had an extremely healthy pregnancy and very healthy birth weights for my babies. My overall health has also improved as a result - I have always suffered from eczema which has now drastically improved. Ying supported my body through my fertility journey and was an extremely positive presence. Thank you!


M, 35, PCOS, first Clomid cycle, twins

M had been TTC for two years before she came to see me. She has underactive thyroid and history of anaemia. She has irregular periods with AMH 52.8. She was having acupuncture and taking herbs for a few months before she started her first Clomifene cycle combined with Metformin. It worked straightaway- she conceived with twins! M had an extremely healthy pregnancy. A healthy baby girl 4lb7oz and baby boy 5lb1oz were born by C section at around 37 weeks. She looked well when I saw her two weeks after the birth. 


J, 37, unexplained infertility, first IVF

J's first IVF cycle started in March 2014. 23 eggs were collected, 14 were fertilised, and all of them went into blastocysts. One was transferred, another 7 top blastocysts were frozen. 7.5 week scan saw one strong heart beat. J had a very healthy pregnancy with some acupuncture visits. Baby girl Molly arrived 5 days after the due date, weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce. Very swift labour.


C, 37, IVF after 2 failed ones ten years ago

C had two IVFs on the NHS ten years ago but both failed. This time 8 eggs were collected, 7 fertilised and 4 frozen, which was much better response than  ten years ago (6 and 4 eggs in previos cycles). 7 weeks scan showed twin pregnancy but  one was 3mm smaller. 10 weeks scan showed only one was left. C continued with acupuncture and she had a very health pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby girl  at 41 weeks, "she weighs 7lb6oz and as cute as a button. Feeding and sleeping well. Thank you for helping us on this journey and playing a part in her safe arrival". "Couldn't have done it without you. Thank you. We are so happy... I truly believe acupuncutre has made it possible".


  J, 38, FET

J's first fresh ICSI cycle and frozen cycle had both failed. Her case was complicated by hypertension which developed during her first ICSI cycle, which was due to her kidney damage from 10 years on Mesalazine for her ulcerative Colitis. Her blood pressure went out of control during the first frozen cycle and the cycle had to be abandoned. When she came to me three months before her second frozen cycle, she was on Labetalol 100mg twice a day and Methyldopa 250mg three times a day for her hypertension. Imuran (immunosuppressant) 100mg for her Ulcerative Colitis.

Two months after acupuncture her blood test showed kidney function was back to normal and kidney scan showed improvement. She had positive test on day11 post FET. BP stayed normal during the treatment. 6.5 week scan showed one strong heart beat. She completely came off her blood pressure medication during her pregnancy and was only on 50 mg Imuran. Shame she didn't continue with her acupuncture in the third trimester and her UC flared up hence back on Prednisolone. And then her blood pressure went up. J had to be induced at 36 weeks. A healthy baby girl Elizabeth arrived and J is now trying to come off her medication. 

N, 31, ovarian cancer, first IVF

N had a right salpingo-oophorectomy and left partial oophorectomy with a third of ovary left. Her FSH was 10.6, AMH 6.6, ultrasound showed 3 antral follicles on the left ovary. Her first IVF worked straightaway. 7 eggs were collected. All of them were fertilised. 5 went into blastocysts and all were Grade 5 (top grade). One was transferred and 3 blastocysts were frozen. Extremely good result. 7.5 week scan saw one strong heart beat. Baby girl was born at full term.

G, 40, IVF, endometriosis

G has Lupus like condition with anti phospholipid antibodies, endometriosis. Antral follicle count suggested a reduced ovarian reserve. First IVF ended in miscarriage at 5 weeks. She came to me during her second IVF cycle on day 9 of her stimulation. She was getting worried as her day 8 scan showed four small follicles. Size of all follicles almost doubled on Day 13 scan. 4 eggs were collected and 3 embryos were transferred. Positive test. She was on Clexane 20mg twice a day. She had some spotting on and off. Week 7 scan showed 2 babies! She had more spotting and the 12 week scan showed only one left. It is a pity that G stopped her acupuncture from the second trimester. Baby girl Thea was born (induced) at 37.5 weeks due to the slow growth, weighed 2.39kg. It would have been a much better outcome if she had continued with acupuncture.


C, 37, 3rd  IVF

C had been ttc for over 15 years. They tried two IVFs 10 years ago but both failed. She conceive naturally 2 years ago but miscarried at 10weeks. She came to me 4 months beofre she her 3rd IVF cycle. She had 8 eggs retrieved, which was better than her previous two cycles( 6 and 4 eggs), 7 fertilised, 2 embryos transferred and 4 frozen! Two weeks later she had positive test. "Couldn't have done it without you. Thank you. We are so happy... I truly believe acupuncutre has made it possible". 7 weeks scan showed twin pregnancy but one was 3mm smaller. 10 weeks scan showed only one was left. C continued with acupuncture and she had a very health pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby girl  at 41 weeks, "she weighs 7lb6oz and as cute as a button. Feeding and sleeping well. Thank you for helping us on this journey and playing a part in her safe arrival".


S, 40, 3rd IVF

S had two failed IVFs ten years ago with previous partner. She had laparoscopy to remove some endometriosis then. She came to me inspired by the book “The infertility Cure”, which was written by Dr Randine Lewis, who cured her own infertility with Chinese medicine and then studied and now practicing Chinese medicine. She was drinking the decoction religiously and attended acupuncture once to twice per month. After six months they moved onto IVF due to her partner’s wish. It worked straightaway. S had a healthy pregnancy; she swam twice a week. Shame she missed her treatment since 30 weeks due to various reasons. She messaged to say a healthy baby boy Edward was born by emergency c section, 7lb7oz, both were well.

V, 32, ICSI

She had one failed ICSI when she was over stimulated and one failed FET. She started the second fresh ICSI on a different protocol, which suited her. 9 eggs were collected, 7 were fertilised, 2 top quality blastocysts, one was transferred. It worked this time. She gave birth to a little boy Fergus in June 2014, weighed 5lb 2oz. "Dear Ying, Thank you for all your help & support over the past few years. We finally have our beautiful baby boy Fergus & we couldn’t be happier. I will send some photos through soon." Love V&L

 venessa fugus

18 months later, she wrote to me to tell me that her son was doing well and they were expecting another baby soon. It was through natural conception, which was an absolute miracle based on the extreme poor sperm quality. She came back to me at week33, 32 week's scan showed below average. After one seesion of acupuncture, 37 week's scan showed baby was 61b14. She delivered a baby girl through a natural birth at 39 weeks, weight 61b12oz.

 J, 40, IVF

J had 8 years subfertility, age related ovarian decline (AMH 5), BMI 37.1. She hadn't been working since a serious car injury. She came to me after her first failed IVF cycle. Considering her age and the fact that she started her second IVF only 6 weeks after her first one, the end positive result was a bit of a surprise. Her second IVF started in May 2013. 17 eggs were collected, 8 were fertilised. Baby boy Robert was born from planned C-section at 39.5 weeks in February 2014, weighed 11 pounds 4 ounces.

D, 40, IVF 

In 2008 I helped her with conceiving her second child, which didn't take long (the first month). She came back in September 2010 trying for the third. AMH then was 3.12. This time it had turned out to be a hard one. She tried Clomid, two failed IUI cycles. But she was determined so was I. In October 2012 she finally conceived through the first cycle of IVF. I didn't see her through her pregnancy due to distance. She developed Placenta previa at 34 weeks and admitted to hospital as it turned out to be a major previa so there was a high risk of sudden haemorrhage in the last 6 weeks. She was fortunate not to have a single problem. A most cute baby boy William was born by elective c-section in July 2013, weighing 6lb 4oz. "The section itself couldn't have been more straightforward either despite the risk of hysterectomy and bowel/bladder repair with this condition. I've been lucky on so many levels! Huge Thank You and congratulations to you for all your perseverance."

6 months later I heard from her to say "William is the most adorable baby we have met. He is so happy and content, sleeps though, smiles, chats and giggles at everyone and hardly cries, being easily placated when he does."


F, 28, Polycystic ovaries, male factor and ICSI

When F went for a scan 3 months after having acupuncture and herbs, they couldn't see any cysts on her ovaries anymore. She had 21 eggs collected, 18 injected, 12 fertilised, 1 put back in and 2 frozen. She had uneventful pregnancy and gave birth to health big girl exactly at 40 weeks! "weighing 8lb12oz. It was more painful than i expected but I coped better than I thought I would."


L, 55, IVF with donor egg

 J reached her menopause at 50 when she got married. Luckily her second IVF with donor egg(New York) had worked. It wasn't an easy pregnancy but she was incredibly positive. A health baby girl Grace was born through planned c-section, weighed 5lb6oz. Breast feeding was going well. "Have never felt joy and happiness like this in my life. We are in bubble of euphoria and I do feel like my world is complete."



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