Male Subfertility

Male subfertility may be a factor in at least half of all couple infertility. Yet apart from Assisted Reproductive Technology (IVF or ICSI, etc), biomedical treatment options are limited. there is growing evidence that acupuncture can improve sperm parametres. To maximise the success of both natural conception and assisted reproduction, the benefit of treating both themale and female partner seem obvious.

However Chinese herbal medicine forms another significant part of the treatment of male subfertility and is extensively used in China. For particularly poor quality of sperm treatment should realistically continue for at least 6 months. I prefer to combine acupuncture and herbs, which is more effective and also reduces the number of acupuncture treatments and the cost.


Pei J, Strehler, (2004) Fertility and Sterility: Quantitative evaluation of spermatozoa ultrastructure after acupuncture treatment fo idiopathic male infertility. After the treatment there was a significant improvement in the percentage and number of normal morphology sperm as well as improvement in total motility.

Case histories

R, 42, after three monthly acupuncture and some herbal pills, his retest showed the sperm is of excellent quality with a DNA  fragmentation index of 6%, both concentration and motility went up significantly, concentration went up to 391m/ml, the highest I have ever seen. I suspect that acupuncture must have unblocked something to release such huge amount of sperm in such a short period of time. His wife conceived naturally and gave birth to a health baby boy.

K, 41,  He and his wife had been ttc for four years. They came to me after the second failed IUI.K had acupuncture every couple of months over a year. BY the time when they were ready for the third IUI, his sperm was much improved: count went up to 101m/ml from 42m/ml, motility 50%(was 28%), normal forms 7% (was 5%). Their third IUI worked and he is a happy dad to a lovely baby girl.

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