Chinese Medicine in Bristol 


What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese Herbal Medicine (alsogoja berries referered as Chinese herbs) and acupuncture are the two main parts of Chinese medicine, which is based on a unique understanding of how the body works. A Chinese medicine assessment can detect subtle changes in the body's homostatic balance before it reaches the disease stage and before Western medical test can detect any abnormalties.

Chinese herbs have the effect which can't be replaced by acupuncture. There is Chinese saying says, "Using only acupuncture but no herbs doesn’t make good doctors".

Practitioners prescribe a custom made formula designed to treat both the symptoms and the underlying cause of the imbalance. When it is applied in a rigorous way it produces extraordinary results, such as treating cancer, skin conditions, autoimmune disorders etc.

Is it safe?

Chinese herbal medicine is not a folk medicine. The practice of Chinese herbal medicine at its highest level demands years of training. Most graduates from Traditional Chinese Medicine universities in China are able to diagnose in Western medical terms and prescribe Western pharmaceuticals.

Every year massive amounts of research is carried out into the basic pharmacology and clinical use of herbal medicine in China. And countless books and articles are published in Chinese and Western medical journals. No other form of medicine has been laboratory and clinical tested over such a time span.

When Chinese herbal medicine is practiced by well-trained practitioners it is very safe. Adverse reactions are extremely rare. Your response is carefully monitored with regular follow-up appointments.

What conditions can be treated wih Chinese herbal medicine?

As the major part of a complete medical system, Chinese Herbal Medicine is capable of treating a wide range of diseases, by re-establishing balance and harmony in the body, leading to a more long-lasting benefit. It can be used on its own or along side with acupuncture.

The roots, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds etc. of the plants are used as Chinese herbs. No products from endangered species and animals are used in the UK. The herbs can be boiled up and drunk as tea called decoction, which still remains the strongest form to take Chinese herbs.

Nowadays the modern technology has made it much easier to take the herbs. They can come in tablets, concentrated powder/granules that are made from concentrated powder, which is especially suitable for taking over a long period of time for chronic conditions. 

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