Recurrent miscarriages, fibroids, natural conception at 45

“We are absolutely over the moon that Ben is now here. He is perfect and we are smitten! It’s such an immense feeling of love and blessing - what a miracle it is!

It's been an amazing journey and I am so grateful to you for all your help Ying in preparing my body for conception and a healthy pregnancy. I credit you and the Chinese herbs with making it all possible!

I would love to come and see you again but we are so far. I would love to continue with some herbs especially to help me recover from the c section operation. 

With love and lots of baby gazing.”

T,  Cornwall


Natural conception after Clomid cycle


The biggest Thank You for everything that you have done for me! Your positivity and enthusiasm for life is infectious. I loved out chats and always left our sessions feeling ready to take on any challenges! You gave me strength and encouraged me to never give up and it worked! You are an incredible woman and I truly believe that without your work I would not have been blessed with my miracle Aurora!"

S, Bristol 


Ulcerative Colitis

"Hi Ying, I wanted to sharemy test results with you. Apparently  my stoll test (Calprotectin) came back 18 (it was over 600)!! I can't believe it. I'm over the moon! Thank ou for all your amazing supportduring this tough time. I'm grateful to everybody who has supported me during this hard time. I've learnt a lot about the body, therapies and myself. I couldn't have done without you!"

"I wanted to share some really positive news with you, as i strongly feel you've been a big part of my recovery. I had a colonscopy yesterday and the doctor gave me the all clear. he said that my gut looks great with no signs of UC!!! In his report he wrote I am officially in remission. he showed me pictures and i'm amazed by how clear everything looked. I wanted to Thank You once again helping me heal. You are amazing!"

E, 36, Bristol


IVF with donna egg at 50

"Have never felt joy and happiness like this in my life. We are in bubble of euphoria and I do feel like my world is complete. Thank you."

L, Shropshire


Twins with first IVF

"You have given me something I have wished for the whole of my life.. Thank you."

C, 36, Shropshire


Twins with first IVF

" I had treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs which resulted in a successful first IVF cycle - I have just given birth to twin boys. I had an extremely healthy pregnancy and very healthy birth weights for my babies. My overall health has also improved as a result - I have always suffered from eczema which has now drastically improved. Ying supported my body through my fertility journey and was an extremely positive presence. Thank you!"

A, 37, Bristol



J was diagnosed as Leiomyosarcoma and told to have a couple of months to live. Daughter wrote to me after her mum passed away.

“My mum passed away peacefully at home with us last night. We just wanted to thank you for everything you did for mum and for never given up on her. Ying you have been amazing and you have kept things at bay for over a year. Mum always thought very highly of you. All your kindness shore through, we are so glad we found you when we needed help. Thank you for always giving her hope."

V, North Wales


PCOS, Natural conception after two failed IVFs

 “Dear Ying:

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to you for helping us start our family. Without you we wouldn’t have our gorgeous little boy Charlie. Please accept this voucher for Fennels restaurant. …”

 S, 35, Telford


After two consecutive miscarriages

“Just a note to say Many Thanks for making it possible to bring our little boy into this world.”

K, 40, Bridgnorth


Endometriosis, one failed IVF, natural conception at 40

“It is true; you make boys! Baby O arrived early this morning. Managed to avoid induction. Arrived at hospital 8cm so didn’t take too long. Not time for any water and no gas and air. Stats dropped at the end so needed a bit of help at the end. All well. Tired but loved up!”….”Thanks for all your help Ying. We love him “

D, Bristol



"Dear Ying,

Thank you for all your help & support over the past few years. We finally have our beautiful baby boy Fergus & we couldn’t be happier. I will send some photos through soon. Love  "

V, Shropshire


After two consecutive miscarriages

“Dear Ying, Thank you for all you did to help us bring Toby into the world and make our dream come true…. 

B, 36, Bristol


IVF after 2 failed IVFs ten years ago

"she weighs 7lb6oz and as cute as a button. Feeding and sleeping well. Thank you for helping us on this journey and playing a part in her safe arrival". "Couldn't have done it without you. Thank you. We are so happy... I truly believe acupuncutre has made it possible".

C, 37, Shropshire


Tennis Elbow

I developed tennis elbow six months ago which was stopping me from playing Golf. I tried anti-inflammatory/pain medicines from my GP & also physical therapy, which did not work.

After six months I was about to give up my much loved Golf when a friend repeated some advice to me about Ying Liu & how acupuncture had helped them with a similar issue.

I have to point out that I was a complete sceptic, but with nothing to lose I made two appointments. After the first appointment I could feel a real difference & after the second I was back to playing Golf and wishing I had taken my friends advice earlier!

I have now recommended Ying Liu & acupuncture to my friends & would consider it first before going to see my GP with any muscular issues in the future.

I, 41, Chester


Drinking problem and hypertention for 10 years

I was drinking more heavily by the end of 2011. It was suggested that I seek the services of Ying as someone who may be able to help. This turned out to be the understatement of the year. As a direct consequence of her professionalism and skill my general health and wellbeing improved beyond measure. I haven’t touched any alcohol for a year now, lost 2 stones and I am no longer reliant on the prescription drugs I was told I would need for life. My life has changed. I cannot thank Ying enough for both the treatment and the very positive advice, encouragement and support along the way.
D, 54, Shropshire
Amazing acupuncture

"The acupuncture + 24 hours of Jia Wei (herb) have made SUCH a big difference to my heat problems - much less frequency and much less severe at night. In particular, I feel more 'grounded' in my body.

I realised that for many months I have been 'living' almost entirely in my emotions, mixed with my thinking/study.

I realise I have been full of anxiety - especially worrying about my health, about getting my study done on time, getting good marks, being angry with my studies when I was tired and not being fully aware of the people around me.

I have been quite a bit less anxious this week - therefore have had more physical energy."

F, 58, Shrewsbury


Ex alcoholic, splenectomy, partial pancreatectomy, Type 1 diabetes, Ulcerative Colitis which is in remission now with no prescription drugs

"Deepest thanks for helping me so much in 2010 with your healing. I now feel strong and focused. This is a card shows my great city and I hope you get a chance to visit it one day".

M, 50, Liverpool


Insomnia and depression, arrhythmia

Dear Ying:

Just to say a very big 'Thank You' for all that you did for my husband. He is back to his old self now, and very busy in the garden.He never saw a cardiologist. he went to New Cross Hospital and had a heart monitor fitted for 24 hours. after 2 weeks we received a letter saying that he was fine. his blood pressure is normal and NO missed heart beats.Once again, very many thanks for your patientce and kindness.

V, 88, Walsall


Eczema and Topical steroid withdrawal

" I saw you just before i came to India-with eczema on face and body. I just wanted to say, within a week of taking the herbs I have seen a big big improvement!!:)) so so happy. It is still dry and red, but no way near as bad and it is improving by the day. I just want to say Thank you for seeing me at short notice, and I look forward to coming to see you when I am back. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!"

K, 33, Bristol


Neck Pain

I am a dentist. A year ago I was in extreme pain and was unable to turn my head or lift my right arm. It is a common problem with dentists. I had to work and didn't want to take too many strong painkillers. A friend suggested acupuncture, and told me of Ying. Although a little sceptical I was prepared to try anything. After 3 weeks I was completely mobile again. I have been having some maintenance treatment for my neck and shoulder since. In addition to her excellent clinical skill, Ying is very kind and considerate. After the experience that I had I would recommend Ying unreservedly.

T, 42, Chester


3rd IVF

"Couldn't have done it without you. Thank you. We are so happy... I truly believe acupuncutre has made it possible". 7 weeks scan showed twin pregnancy but  one was 3mm smaller. 10 weeks scan showed only one was left. C continued with acupuncture and she had a very health pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby girl  at 41 weeks, "she weighs 7lb6oz and as cute as a button. Feeding and sleeping well. Thank you for helping us on this journey and playing a part in her safe arrival". 

C, 37 Shropshire


Painful periods and natural conception

I just wanted to write and say Thank You so much for helping me get to a healthy place to have my baby boy! I found all your advice and treatment invaluable and also enjoyed laughing with you in our sessions! I’m hoping to be back for some more acupuncture soon.

R, 30 

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